An Insider’s Look: Vampire Secrets with David Hilliard

I’ve been waiting here for Vampire David Hilliard. It seems he’s a no show. So instead I’ll lshare with you know my plans for Halloween. Besides being here, I’m also at my website with a yummy desert. Click on the News Blog.

Isn’t the Internet wonderful! I’m also at Dawn’s Reading Nook with a fun guest blog with Poseidon, a recipe, and a contest.

Then for Halloween, a surprise with Vampire David Hilliard over at Patricia’s Vampire Notes.

“A contest, perhaps?”

“David, it’s so good to see you.” He is completely dashing today in a midnight blue suit that sets off his dark hair and fathomless dark eyes.

“You too. You’re coming to my party tomorrow over at Patricia’s?”

“Absolutely. Now I hope you don’t mind if I ask you some questions about vampires. I promised our visitors vampire secrets.”

He chuckles. “Okay, Susa…ur … I mean Lily. Anything for you.”

“There are a lot of different types of vampires out there. Why is that?”

David leans back in his chair. “Well, Lily, there are a lot of different humans out there too. But seriously, most vampires would fit within three lifestyles. The savages are completely vampire. They bear some physical resemblance to humanoids as they walk on two legs and some still wear clothes. Their faces are monstrous and they usually have claws. To them, humans are nothing but food.”

“So we’re talking about Nosteraftu?”

“Exactly. The next group which unfortunately human are most familiar with are the amoral. They look and act human but still view humans as food. They feel they are the superior race on this planet.”

“So in Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, Lestat would be amoral?”

“Yes, that’s a good example. To become moral or civilized, as we say in New York, is a choice. The Arnhem Society constantly helps the New York vampires to maintain their choice. The Arnhem Knights prevent human death from vampires and assist supernaturals in danger. In this day and age, there is no reason for a vampire to kill a human. There are human donors would want to get bitten. We teach how not to drain too much, how to make that human feel euphoric from the experience, and how to heal the wound so there’s no scar.”

“Really. But that’s how humans find out they’ve been bitten.”

“Yes, that means they’ve been bitten by a vampire who cared nothing about them. All they had to do was lick the wound and the saliva would heal it.”

“Since the Vampires in Manhattan are so caring about the human race, I wanted to talk about how vampires fall in love. If they fall in love.”

David puts his hand to his head and chuckles. “Laura, put you up to this. Didn’t she?”

“Sure did. She told me to ask about stroking fangs.”

He cringes. “Okay, now you’re getting into the secrets.” He takes a deep breath. “If you stroke a vampire’s fangs with your tongue, it is an invitation to sex.”

“Okay, I’ll write that down. Stroking fangs is a maximum turn-on. What else? Tell me how you can determine when you have met your life mate?”

“A life mate is warm to the touch, although at times it can be confusing. All humans are warm to us, but is the human turns to a vampire and says, ‘You’re so warm,’ then the vampire knows for sure.”

“Do two vampires that are life mates fell warm to each other?”

He smiles. “Oh, yes.”

“Is it true that a vampire lover has superhuman stamina?”

I think David is blushing. With him, it’s hard to tell.

He gets up. “I think it’s best I leave right now. It’s been lovely as always. See you at the Halloween party.”

He was gone before I could say another word. Note to self: Find another male vampire who will answer more questions. I’ll try Max next time.

–Lily A. Snow, Historian of the Arnhem Society

–Susan Hanniford Crowley
Vampires in Manhattan Series


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