The Wild, Addictive, Magical and Sexy Strange Love

The Wild, Addictive, Magical and Sexy Strange Love
By Jo Lynne Valerie

BLURB: Strange Love
A Contemporary Gothic Paranormal Novel
Introducing a whole new breed of were shifter… Intelligent, Prominent, Accomplished, Hot 

The strong and passionate Kasia Kovalenko finds herself unhinged by tall, dark and elusive Lucas Alvarez and then drawn into a frenzied relationship where soul-mate love and wild, addictive sex keep her tethered to Lucas, and he to her. But Lucas has a secret no one knows, a life quite separate from the respected one he leads outwardly. When Kasia discovers Lucas’ secret, her life and everything she believed about the supernatural world are changed forever.
There is no turning back now… even though not everyone wants to see Lucas and Kasia happy together. Tensions rise, confrontations occur. Just when things seem their most dire, a deeply hidden secret involving Kasia’s own bloodline changes the rules of the game entirely.

To be together, both Kasia and Lucas must risk their lives in exchange for the irresistible, intoxicating, strange love they share.

Three things stand out right away about my limited edition current release, Strange Love. First, where my previous two books are Paranormal Fiction with heavy Romance threads, Strange Love is a straight up Contemporary Gothic Paranormal. Second, my preceding Phoenix Rising has one love scene with sex. Strange Love features heavy four-flame sex throughout. Put it this way: my BFF read a passage, raised her eyebrows, glanced up at me and said, “This is like soft porn.” Nope; Strange Love isn’t “like” soft porn; the sex scenes really are porn. I can own that. Third, Strange Love is told in the first person from the perspective of my heroine, Kasia Kovalenko.

Kasia is a woman of substance, as are the females I admire in the real world. She’s a graduate sociology student, determined to make a difference with her life. Kasia is smart, focused and committed to staying true to herself – quirky traits and all.

Her counterpart is the elusive, tall and dark Lucas Alvarez. Noted man about campus, son of a famed oceanographer, confirmed animal rights activist and hardcore PhD candidate (dude’s gonna be a psychiatrist; he’s also bent on making something signifiant of his life) Lucas is every bit Kasia’s equal. They’re fated to meet. And they do.

Kasia and Lucas discover shared passions (just causes; the environment; good coffee; wild life and nature) and they discover how well they work together when they team up on various projects, such as a University-sponsored Green Living Expo and a wolf advocacy project.

Right away, the reader gets to see who Kasia and Lucas are on campus, who they are in public. What I found I needed to show was who Kasia and Lucas became when they were alone together behind closed doors. That’s when an entirely different side to each of them is revealed.

And isn’t that the case for each of us, really? When we meet a unique individual, someone we’re drawn to and perhaps ache for physically, don’t we become different people to some extent? Often times, don’t we become a more vibrant version of ourselves when we’re with the object of our affection?

Inhibitions dissolve… hesitation ceases to exist. There is a freedom that comes with wild, unabashed desire. That freedom is what I showed in writing those (now widely discussed) Strange Love sex scenes.

*pauses, sips ice-cold water, fans mehself*

As I was saying. Kasia and Lucas. Genuine, believable characters. Inspiring heroine; exemplary hero. Who they become behind closed doors. Wild, addictive, dirty-raw sex. Yeah. In other words, Strange Love. Read more about it here: , because there’s so much more to the story than wild, amazing sex. If you know my work at all, you know to expect a heavy dose of real-world supernatural and paranormal phenomena, a hearty serving of authentic magic and characters you’re going to wish you knew in life.

If you like what you read… and what you see, buy this pre-trade paperback limited edition release here:  . And when you read it, make sure you’ve scheduled some private alone time. *winks*


Jo Lynne Valerie is a multiple Award-Winning Paranormal novelist. Former Editor in Chief of print journals Nature’s Wisdom Magazine (holistic health) and Full Moon Rising Magazine (metaphysics), Ms. Valerie was also on the team of writers for a PBS holistic television show, which she eventually co-hosted. Jo Lynne recently launched ParaGoddess Podcasts, wherein she discusses all things Paranormal, holistic and metaphysical. When not writing a new book, Jo Lynne Valerie enthusiastically tests her theory that a vegan author needs nothing more to drink than a steady flow of frothy cappuccino, pure water and cold white wine.
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