Walking in the Footsteps of Twilight

Today we have with us the intrepid adventurer Cera C.  She has just returned from Forks, Washington.  Twilighters know exactly what I’m talking about.  Before talk to Cera, let’s get in the mood. Click on photos to make them bigger.

Cera on right and her sister Julia on left

Cera, what was your first thought when you entered Twilight?

That it looked just like the book.  It looked just like Twilight.  Stephanie Meyer did not skimp on the details.

Cera standing in the Forest

Tell us what it felt like to be walking around in Bella and Edward’s forest.  I understand that the forest was right outside your hotel room too.

There were mossy trees and they were gigantic.  It was dark most of the time, though sometimes light would break through.  The mountains are very steep.

Tell us about what is fun in the town of Forks.

We loved all the Twilight Shops especially “Dazzled by Twilight” and “Native Twilight.”  They had everything you could imagine as a Twilight fan.  http://dazzledbytwilight.com/

What kinds of things did you buy?

An apple that says Bella on it and I got a Lifeguard La Push hoodie in the Dazzled by Twilight store in Port Angeles.  The one there and two in Forks.  One of the ones in Forks is the most impressive because it has stars on the ceiling, big trees in the middle of the store, and murals and fountains.

Sully the Drive-in is the home of the Bella Burger.  It has pineapple, swiss chesse, lettuce, tomato, ketchup and mayo on the burger.  It was good.  I got fried mushrooms with ranch dressing and Twilight juice.

Were the people in Forks happy to see Twilighters?

What is Julia holding up?
Oh, that’s the Bella board where people leave messages for Bella.  The town is very friendly and the stores all have written on their windows and door “Welcome, Twilighters.”

So Vampires are welcome?
Hmm, there is the Treaty line that is marked.  I think it says what the La Push Reservation feels about vampires.

What was La Push like?  Did you surf?  I know you surf.

No, it was cold.  There are three beaches that make up La Push. First, Second and Third Beach.  Second Beach looks most like the movie.

I understand there is a Swan House.

Yes, but it is a private residence.  There are nice enough to let people  take pictures.

There are two trucks.  The movie truck and the book truck.

This is the book truck and I feel the most authentic.

The movie truck for Bella. There were actually many versions of her truck.

Above is the Fork Police.  My homage!  I  felt very protected.
Now here’s a collage of all of Cera’s photos.  If you have any questions about Cera’s trip to Forks, please, ask them in the comment box.

Hoh Rain Forest


Forks High School, Home of the Spartans

Ruby Beach - could have been used for cliff diving

Restaurant of Bella and Edward's first date in Port Angeles - the mushroom ravoli is delicious

School at La Push

The treeline at Second Beach

Thank you for visiting Nights of Passion to find out about Cera’s Twilight adventure, it’s been a bear to try to get the formatting of this blog with so many photos.  We hope you enjoy it.  Cera would like to leave you with this final thought.

Stay out of the woods! LOL


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