Evil mastermind Fridays?

I’m sure that when you woke up this morning grabbed your morning coffee and sat down at your computer you weren’t thinking ‘today will be a Mason Friday’. Nor that it would be the first of many. Surprise! I’m sure you are as thrilled as I am. It will be just you and me Mondays and Fridays.

I’m sure you are happy dancing right this instant as am I!

To be honest, I’m happy doing anything that keeps my mind off looking for my new evil lair –the place where I shall plot my evil plans. I’m in the market for a new lair. In this case, bigger truly is better. Why, you ask my none-evil fellow human? Blue prints take a lot of space and so do minions. Minions can also make noise, eat and belch a lot. You did read that correctly. And all I can say is yuck. But someone has to do my dirty work, better them than me.

I’ve gone to see a number of places and liked one. Shouldn’t that be the end of the story? I wish but alas no. So far no new evil lair, I need to hurry this along as I don’t like my time being occupied with activities other than my planning to take over the world and then the universes.

I’ll let you know when I find a new lair but for now I’ve got to run.

I hope you’ll join me and author Annie Nicholas Monday October 11th 2010. You might win something. You’ll definitely learn something about fishing for vampires.

Darkness ♀♂ Desires

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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