Old Dog…New Trick

Most of you have heard the old adage about teaching old dogs new tricks. I’ve got an old dog but he’s too lazy to learn new tricks. But I’m not, either too old or wanting to learn new tricks.

In the past I downloaded, to my laptop, e-books but they were short stories and/or novellas. Never a full. Because they weren’t free. And we all know nothing beats a freebie, even a short.

Until now. A few months ago, after extensive research, I bought an iPhone 3G. I wanted the phone primarily for its internet capabilities. Never did I think I’d buy an I-book. That’s what someone told me they were called. Until last month.

One of the blogs I is follow is managed by a friend of mine, Mary Martinez, Mary’s Garden, http://marysbooksblogger.blogspot.com/. On the blog was a cover for one of her books, Watching Jenny. Intrigued by the cover I read the backcover blurb. I was hooked. I wanted to read the book.

With my preference to paper books I searched but could only find the story in e-format. Reluctantly, I bought the book for my iPhone. A whole new world opened up for me. Now I have a book with me all the time. Gone are the days of having to multitask, not to mention multi-carry.

Sure, reading the I-book I have to turn the page more frequently but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to take for the convenience.

Now I can read when and where I want. No more being tied to a computer or figuring out where to put or how to carry a paper book. Not to mention, if outside having to deal with the wind.

I can shut the application down and later return to the exact page I left off at. With a flip of my thumb I can flip back a page or two if I missed something or need to review the scene I’m reading.

Will I ever get a dedicated e-book reader? Heck, I said I’d never get an iPhone so I can’t really answer that question. As things are now, I don’t think so. I have a phone, games, internet access, and yes, a book all in one little package.

So yeah, I guess an old dog can learn a new trick or two.

Next month I’ll be interviewing Mary so stay tuned for more on the book.

FYI- I received no financial remuneration of mentioning the iPhone.

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2 Responses to Old Dog…New Trick

  1. Lindsay,
    Thanks for the mention I’m glad you enjoyed the book.

    As for the new tricks, I try hard to learn them, but my grandkids are usually the ones trying to teach me.

    iPhone for reading a book seems very small. Now I have a Nook. I can do the internet (slower than molasses) get free books from B&N on Fridays.

    With the cover I have, it looks like a hard back book, but it’s smaller. It’s between a Mass Market and trade book size.

    I love it. But I’ve found that whatever anyone uses to read their books whether it’s an iPhone, Kindle, eSony or Nook, they love it.

    Good for you learning a new trick!

  2. cmkempe says:

    I read on my iPod and I love it. Fits in a pocket. Why would you “never” get an iPhone?

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