It’s Mason Monday. Feeling the pain.

That is correct. And I’m loving it. Most of it. My wrist are on fire so I’ve been cooling it with the typing. However I do have a self-imposed deadline and edits I’m doing. I love getting emails form my editor Mary where she says “What do you think of this?” I feel nurtured by her thinking about my work. Mary rocks.

I woke up last night with sand paper throat. I did the gargle with salt water. I’m not sure if I’m doing that to make myself think I’m doing something or because it helps. Any allergy sufferers out there? Me too. Those sinus can sure be a pain, can’t they.  No words of wisdom or information on writing.

Okay, maybe a little something. Get back to writing. The book isn’t going to write itself. Trust me if it could I’d have been the one to figure that one out. I’m elbow deep in a pivotal scene in Vaihan’s, Leera and Rowley character arches. So I best be getting back to it as should you.

Darkness ♀♂ Desires

Aequitas I Betrayal, available from Lyrical Press, Inc
Aequitas II Punishment, coming January 17th, 2011 Lyrical Press, Inc

Chocolate Damsel, Wolf-Spirit Series Book I, coming May 2nd, 2011 Lyrical Press, Inc

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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