Nights of Passion’s is thrilled to have Historical Romance author Erin Grace back. Thank you for joining us.

Welcome Erin! Thank you for letting me, interview you once more.

Thanks, it’s great to be back.

Tell our readers what you’ve been up to since you were last here?

It’s been a busy couple of months. Following the release of Secrets, I’d been straight into preparing Serenade for its debut. We had the launch party for Serenade last Saturday night, it was lots of fun. I’ve also been told that Secrets has been selected to be made into an audio book, which is nerve-racking but exciting news.

Is there any style or period you want to write about but have yet to do so?

I do have a story with an ‘oriental’ aspect I’d like to try some time this year. I’m also working on a time travel piece at the moment which should be finished soon.

Last time you were here, you mentioned something that you were working on a paranormal, is there a book coming?
Yes. As a matter of fact, my third book which has just been contracted to Lyrical – it’s called ‘Fire of my Heart’ and is my first paranormal romance, with an historical flavour – no vampires or werewolves though I’m afraid.

I’d like to do a speed round of one to two word answers. Ready, go!

What is your favorite:

Pirate Novel? Treasure Island

Sea?  Aegean

Heroine? Victoria (From ‘Dangerous’)

Food? Roast Dinner

Period of women’s fashion? Regency

Period dance? Late Regency (Waltz)

Thank you that was fun.

Which of your villains would you not want to cross paths with and why?

I think Grimes, from Secrets, would creep me out. He’s dangerous, unstable, believes in his own warped sense of right and wrong. And, when he wants something, he’ll do anything to get it – not to mention he’s a hideously filthy creature who makes my skin crawl.

Why this book, what about the story compelled you to write it?

It started as just a single humorous scene in my head, then I started playing around with it and decided it had something. Quite often my I start writing from somewhere in the book (other than the beginning), then have to build around it. As a challenge, I also chose this book to have a prologue and the potential for a sequel.

Please, tell us about  Serenade from Lyrical Press Inc.

Serenade  – Lyrical Press Inc


Grace is plotting a course for unknown territory.

When young Grace Hathaway decides to escape from the threat of marriage to a horrible man, she takes her fate into her own hands, stowing away on the Serenade with the aim of sailing to Spain.

Captain Marcus James is haunted by a violent past he can barely remember except in the dark murky sea of his dreams. Competition with government traders has seen him take on illegal hidden goods, just to keep The Serenade and her crew afloat. The last thing he needs is undue attention from the wrong quarters, and the last thing he expects to find is Grace.

Facing stormy seas, bloody battles with pirates and a sizzling romance, will Grace and Marcus find a port of call?


“You can’t do this!” Grace had never been so furious. Glaring up at the captain and his comrade from the inky black waters, she bellowed hails of protest and demand.

“Yes, I can, my little barnacle.” He just stood there, leaning on the side rail, watching her drown, a stupid smile on his face. By God, she hoped he rotted. “I told you the wound needs to be cleaned, and salt water is the best cure for infection I know.”

Angry and frightened, she sat in the dark chilly water on a wooden seat suspended from the gangplank by a long rope. The ship had been anchored for the night in a bay off some remote island. Goodness knew where.

She shivered, bobbing up and down in the gentle wake from the vessel, forced by the motion to swallow the occasional mouthful of sea. Coughing, she spluttered out the vile salty liquid. Her throat burned and stomach threatened to erupt.

“Let me up!” Her anger gained momentum. Tired or not, the blasted captain would get a piece of her mind when she saw him next. Let him kill her! Anything had to be better than what she was going through. “I hate the sea.”

His voice echoed down to her. “I’ll decide when you’ve had enough.”

At least half an hour later, the rope was tugged from above. By the time she reached the rail, her legs were numb and the pain of her wound all but forgotten. Her bedraggled hair hung in thick wet clumps around her face, her teeth chattered with cold. She wouldn’t have been surprised if they’d turned blue.

The quartermaster, Mr. Blackthorn, met her at the rail as two other sailors helped her aboard. The captain, however, was nowhere to be seen. Hiding from her no doubt. Not only cruel, sadistic and merciless, he was also a coward.

“That way, Miss.” Blackthorn pointed toward the captain’s cabin. “You are to report to the cap’n.”

She barely managed to control her quivering lips long enough to reply. Lord, she was cold, but her temper had begun to warm her. “I-I-will do no such thing. You-you m-may tell your captain to-to go to the Devil.”

Turning her back on the man, she began shuffling toward the galley. Her hammock in the storeroom beckoned, and though not much, would at least be dry and warm.

“I was told you might be tempted to disobey, so the cap’n said if you don’t follow his orders, he’ll make you change your clothes in the middle of the deck with the whole crew watchin’.”

Her jaw dropped. She turned around and glared. “He wouldn’t dare” almost crept from her lips, but she snatched it back. The demon captain would do just what he threatened. A heavy sigh escaped her. Better to go to him and face her humiliation than the prying eyes of twenty women-starved men.

Scratching together as much dignity as her pathetic state would allow, she nodded at the solemn-looking man and headed toward the captain’s cabin.

She stood there outside the door shivering, dripping wet and gathering her courage for fighting him or submitting to him, she couldn’t decide. Only minutes ago she’d been determined to tear open his chest and prove he possessed no heart, but now the thought of him close to her, his heat scorching her cold skin, left her bewildered heart fluttering.

Oh, stop it.

Swallowing hard, she pushed opened the door and went in. A breath of warm air greeted her, grazing her icy cheeks until they burned. Stopping just inside, she glanced around the dimly lit room, surprised at how comfortable it looked. The simple furnishings were few, though appeared well made. Etched deeply into one of the walls lay a large bunk covered in simple blankets and a few pillows. No treasure or gold bullion littered the room, nor were there any chests oozing with jewels.

Not at all how she imagined a pirate to live.

Her nemesis sat at his desk, writing in a journal of some kind, and ignored her as she stood there. He didn’t even bother to look up or offer her a chair.

Arrogant blackguard. Couldn’t he see she was frozen to the bone? The least he could do was—

“How is your leg?” Closing the book, he looked up at her. Her throat went dry. All the scathing remarks she’d rehearsed deserted her.


The soft lamp light made his features almost surreal. Dark eyes glinted with rich flecks of gold and the pale glow silhouetted his rugged, masculine profile. For all his faults—too many for her to number—this merciless rogue had to be the most handsome man she’d ever seen.

Pity he wasn’t human.

“Something on your mind?”

“No.” Despite the growing puddle at her feet, she tried to relax her stance, but her stomach resisted her efforts, twisting and tensing. “I was told you wanted to see me, so, here I am.”

He rose from the desk and turned to a cabinet near to him, forcing her gaze upward. Lord, he was tall.

“I take it then, your leg is feeling much better. Let me see the wound.” He faced her, a pile of dry clothes in his hands. For her, perhaps?

Knowing better than to argue, she leant back against the desk, placed her leg on the chair opposite, and huffing, pulled the fabric away to reveal the site of the cut.

More humiliation. She hoped he was satisfied.

Face unreadable, he approached and put the clothes on the desk next to her. He touched her thigh, sending sparks of fire blazing across her skin, igniting every nerve and fibre. The inferno spread throughout her shivering frame, leaving a trail of curious need.

What’s the theme of the book?

Historical romance – with a nautical twist.

What other books do you have available?

My first release, ‘Secrets’

Please, tell us about Secrets from Lyrical Press Inc?

Secrets   –  Lyrical Press Inc


Everyone has secrets. Some can be ruinous.

When Isabelle Barclay is left widowed at the age of twenty-five, she discovers how precarious life can be for a woman alone in the 1850s. She’s surrounded by sycophantic friends who fear her, and treacherous men determined to have her. She escapes to the wilds of the beautiful Scottish Highlands, and is rescued by an unlikely ally with her own hidden past.

She didn’t expect to find a revenge plot, a treasured friendship, or a powerful attraction to a Scottish laird determined never to love. A stormy affair and a midnight duel threaten to change Isabelle’s life forever.

What have you learned through publishing your first book that you’d wish someone would have shared with you beforehand?

The real amount of work involved before it actually goes to print – writing the book seemed like the easy part. I have a lot of respect for the patience and tenacity of editors and publishers.

What’s next?

That’s a tough question…but as the reviewers I’ve had for so far for Serenade seem keen to read a sequel, I guess I’d better get to work and finish it. It’s called ‘The Guardian’. I also have 3 other titles I’m working on at the moment, plus I’m expecting first round edits to come in soon for Fire of My Heart, so, lots to do!

If our readers want to learn more about you where can they go?

They are welcome to drop by my website or my new Face Book Fan Page. I have also just announced there, a new competition for someone to have the chance of winning a handmade lace book mark I have specially made. To enter, all you have to do is drop by and say hi!

Erin Grace, I’ve had a jolly good time interviewing you. I wish you the best.

Thank you, Mason, it’s been a real pleasure.

Serenade – is available on the 3rd May, 2010

Erin is giving away an e-copy of Serenade.  Please, comment to be eligible to win.  This is a worldwide contest and is void where prohibited by law.  The contest ends on May 21, 2010 at 9 pm Eastern Time.  Now do comment to enter. 


Good luck!


Darkness ♀♂ Desires

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8 Responses to Nights of Passion’s is thrilled to have Historical Romance author Erin Grace back. Thank you for joining us.

  1. Virginia C says:

    Hi, Erin! You are a new author to me, and I was delighted to “meet you” through this post. Your characters and story lines have me intrigued. I visited your website, and I will definitely look for your upcoming releases. I’d love to win “Serenade”. Salt water, sea air, and a dashing rogue captain are a potent remedy, indeed : )

    • Erin says:

      Hi Virginia, nice to ‘meet’ you as well. It’s always a pleasure to drop by this terrific blog and get to know people. I’m glad you like the story blurbs, Serenade was such fun to write! Thanks, for visiting my website, do also drop by my FaceBook fan page for a chance to win a handmade ‘bobbin-lace’ book mark.
      Erin xo

  2. suzilove says:

    So great to hear about your new book,
    Can’t wait to read it as around 1850’s is my favorite era as well,
    And I love the idea of setting the book at sea with so many different characters,
    Well done and good luck with the book,

    • Erin says:

      Hi Suzi, thanks for dropping by. I love the early – mid 1800’s too…there is so much romance and adventure to be had there! I had a lot of fun with the ocean setting, it gave me the chance to stretch myself as a writer, and give the characters some unusual scenarios.
      Erin xo

  3. You sound very busy, Erin. Congrats on your new book.

  4. Erin says:

    Hi Maggi!
    Thanks for your good wishes. It is very busy at the moment, wish I had more time just to write.
    take care,
    Erin xo

  5. Kendall Grey says:

    Hey, Erin! Great interview. I’ve already read Serenade and look forward to the sequel. Love your characters – especially hot and sexy Marcus. 🙂

    Any news on when we might get our hands on your paranormal romance? I anxiously await…


    • Erin says:

      Hi Kendall,
      at this point, the paranormal may be late 2010, or early 2011…please drop by by website now and then for more details coming…

      So glad you enjoyed Serenade…Marcus is sexy…lol.


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