Interview with Mystery Romance Author Myrna Caudill

Nights of Passion is thrilled to welcome Mystery Romance Author Myrna Caudill.  Please, tell us a little about your background before you became an author. 

After pursuing a career as an accountant, Girl Scout professional, and tax preparer I decided to try my dream – write a novel.  Life’s experiences have provided ample material for writing.  My first novel COLD CASE FALLOUT has been published as have three short stories.  “Joshua Came Home at Last,” Joshua Embraces America” and Love at First Sight”.
What authors, books, or movies have inspired you the most?

I really don’t have a specific author, book or movie that inspired me most.  I enjoy many different genres and authors.  I usually find something in each that I find interesting or inspiring.  My preferences for inspiration have been 1950-80 Westerns, romance stories with happy endings, movies with strong characters overcoming adversity, and kind comedies, mysteries without gore, and optimistic service fiction.
Do you have any hobbies that you incorporate into your stories?

Not yet, although I have used some past career experiences.
What are the hardest scenes to write?

Scenes that require background descriptions.  I find it difficult to determine how detail is necessary to move the story forward and not slow it down with too much detail.
What scenes were the most fun?

Fast moving action or dialogue revealing character traits or conflict to move the story to another dimension, conflict or conflict resolution.
Please, tell us about your books.

My first novel, COLD CASE FALLOUT:

Two individuals fleeing from broken and disillusioned romances met on a rainy morning and started their emotional journey to true love.  Mitch’s attraction to a stubborn redhead, Erin, brought about entanglements he never expected.

A series of burglaries in Parkers Grove placed Erin in danger and led to a cold case mystery.  Mitch found himself rescuing Erin from flying bullets and helping to solve a cold case murder and local burglaries.

All of this with the help of friends in a small town provided the fertile circumstances for true love.

Mitch’s one last desperate declaration of love following a redhead’s stubborn argument finally led to an elopement and free-wheeling honeymoon.  Cold case solved and love triumphant.

Available:, Amazon

My second novel LOVE TRIUMPHS:

Independent Gem, Gloria Elaine Mayweather, out of options landed on her ex-boyfriend’s and the father of her child’s door step.  No money, no job and $26.79 to her name she was forced to appeal to Detective Jake Mallory of the Eagletown Police Force for temporary help.

Detective Mallory, independent and decisive Jake, found himself in a quandary between love and duty.  Past traumatic and painful events in his life had built barriers to close relationships he had not been able to overcome.  His longtime love for Gem, that he had tried to bury, resurfaced bringing with it a stronger desire to possess her as his wife.

A serial murderer, small riot, and supposed threat of werewolves in his jurisdiction greatly complicated Jake’s previously well-ordered life.  The ability to make decisive and usually correct decisions when complicated by the desire to provide for and protect his new family threw everything into a tailspin.

Available: Amazon, Books A Million, Xlibris,

Thanks so much for being on Nights of Passion.

For more information about Myrna Caudill, visit:

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