It’s Monday and Mason is here. Don’t be discouraged, get determined. Coaching fellow writers!

When I started to critique, other people I went all in. I’d give them every trick I had in my author’s toolbox. Many a budding authors thought I was brutal.

My thinking was and is I’m not helping you if I do a half a&* job critiquing your work. Am I? The industry isn’t going to go easy on you. The correct answer is no. Editors and agents will skip right over you.

I have worked on the delivery of my help. I always added in encouragement and what I thought was done well. Now I work at positioning constructive feedback in a positive light.

At the end, I always added in the line: Don’t be discouraged, get determined.

Determination is something inside us that won’t let us quiet until we see things done. No one can take that from you.

When coaching someone with their writing, help them make goals that matter to them.

–          Complete the first draft by
–          Do three full rounds of rewrites
–          Query in batch of five
–          Seek feedback opportunities
–           What constitutes a win?
–          When do we move on to the next project?

I like to set my own goals and reach my own heights. I work on multiple projects varying between short to full length. That doesn’t work for everyone so I’m open to other methods for the sake of the person I’m coaching.

Remember the great feeling of someone helping you forge your own path be that for someone else. And don’t forget how far a little encouragement can go.

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Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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