Romantic News and a little Nog

I will be the guest for Author’s Tips on the Romance Alley Blog, Sunday Nov. 29th.  My article is called “Using Research in Building a Paranormal Romance World.”  It gives not only practical help but also insight into the making of THE STORMY LOVE LIFE OF LAURA CORDELAIS.  Visit us and comment.  Ask questions.

Also my vampire romance novel THE STORMY LOVE LIFE  OF LAURA CORDELAIS is available at

For an excerpt:

And coming out real soon is another novella in the Vampires of Manhattan series, A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS.  I’ll announce it as soon as the release date is definite.

On Dec. 19th, I’ll be guest blogging on author Sandra Sookoo’s site  and I’ll also be hosting a holiday party here at Nights of Passion.  I plan on giving away an ebook.  Ah ah ah … I can’t tell you which one yet.  That would be giving away the surprise.

In preparation for the holiday, my husband brought me home a surprise.  Rice Dream has Rice Nog out and it’s delicious. No, they are not paying me to endorse their product. I really tried it for the first time today and loved it.  It fills the hole in my heart left when I could no longer drink egg nog.  I can’t drink milk, you see.  So begins the thoughts of food for the holidays. 

Ta for now.

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Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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