BB Roberts: An Interview with Marie Roy, writer of vampire stories among others

Hi Marie- Welcome to Nights of Passion. I hear you’re writing a Vampire anthology with a group of other writers? Are you each writing separate stories or are you collaborating on all of them?

The members who are involved in this anthology tentatively called Love Bites are working independently on these stories. I own and moderate a Yahoo Group known as the Erotic Romance Workshop. Anyone can join by going to

Members from ERW will form an offshoot of the group to work on a special project. Our first project group was made up of eight members who wrote short novellas around the premise of getting stuck inside an elevator with a very attractive stranger, and then having those character(s) live out their fantasy.

We titled this anthology Goin’ Down – Book One and Book Two. This anthology was published at Aspen Mountain Press and can be found at  

Basically, I wanted the members, especially those who hadn’t yet been published, to get a feel for what it’s like to create a story from inception to finish and have that story published. I think the workshop was quite productive in that these same writers have not only furthered their writing experiences but have had other stories published as well. Goin’ Down was a fun anthology to do and believe me when I say that some very creative ideas were incorporated into those stories.

Currently I have six members who are working on 15K stories that encompass the theme of vampires. Vampires romances are very hot right now, and frankly so are these stories. We are at a stage where the first drafts have been completed. I’ve asked the writers to provide me a short synopsis and blurb for the stories and once I get those together we will start submitting a proposal to publishers. Doing this allows these writers to become more aware of the process of writing for publication.

What is your own vampire story about?

My own erotic vampire romance story is titled The Pleasure of Our Company. My characters are vampires who continue to reunite with each new century as they live different lives but remain essentially the same person within. They continue to share that past history, but with each what you might call resurrection the past remains hidden somewhere only in Sierra’s subconscious until she starts to remember that Damon is her Master. Damon on the other hand is always aware of their shared history and with each new encounter with Sierra this becomes a new conquest for him.

They start out in the 17 century as Damon and Sierra. Damon, the male vampire dominates the female Sierra, and controls her destiny. Except as Sierra reincarnates into the next century she realizes that with each of these reunions she wants and seeks more freedom to do what “she” wants to do. Damon does not like what she has become in this last reunion, a successful female escort who runs her own Escort business called The Pleasure of Our Company.

The question arises; will Damon, Sierra’s Master allow her the freedom to become her own person, follow her destiny or must he destroy her, then resurrect her again to keep her under his control? It is a work in process and anything can happen as far as how it will end.

How do you celebrate Halloween?

You can watch my YouTube video to see how I celebrated Halloween 2008. This was at a local singles’ dance. I went as the local vampiress. I may do something similar this weekend.

Do you use a pen name?

I write straight contemporary romances under the name of Marie A. Roy and write erotic romance fiction under the name of Collette Thomas. I guess you might say I have a split personality so I’m never bored with myself.

How long have you been pounding at a keyboard?

I started writing stories at the age of eight on a very shiny black Royal typewriter that my dad would lug along with us on our summer vacations to the Connecticut shoreline. So I guess you could say I’ve been pounding away on a keyboard forever.

What’s your favorite kind of writing?

I enjoy romance and suspense as well as things that go bump in the night. I enjoy creating characters that definitely have this push and pull thing going on between them.

When I put on my Marie Roy hat, my characters tend to be emotional, compassionate, empathetic, and of course loving. When I put on the hat of Collette Thomas, I find myself on a different ride. Here anything can happen and often does. While writing my Todd Hollow series, which has been described as stories that are erotic forensic thrillers, I’ve been told these stories are very dark and very scary, and not for the faint of heart.

The latest issue of the Romance Writers Report published by RWA has a great article that addresses the subject of Writing on the Dark Side by Larissa Ione.

One quote from this article is, “…readers enjoy the darker reads because they like the elements of risk and danger—but they like knowing they are in control. No matter what happens, a reader can shut the book, take a deep breath, and come back to the scene later. You can walk on the dark side without ever having to face any real danger. It’s a dark thrill, but a safe ride.”

Two excellent how-to book on writing that dark scary novel I recommend are: Bullies, Bastards & Bitches: How to Write the Bad Guys of Fiction by Jessica Page Morrell, and The Power of the Dark Side: Creating Great Villains and Dangerous Situations by Pamela Jaye Smith.

I just finished the final edits to Deadly Affair which is Book Two in my Todd Hollow series and is scheduled for a December 2009 release. Like Book One, this is an erotic forensic thriller that takes us into the world of murder and mayhem, which essentially reigns in both stories.

I’ve started my research for the third book, tentatively titled Deadly Intent, which has me anxious to get to the keyboard to start the first draft. Just today while browsing through a local gun store I spotted the type of gun my hero, who I’m picturing works as a bounty hunter uses a 40 caliber Glock.

Both Deadly Games and Deadly Affair will be available as ebooks and also in paperback. I’m sure readers will find Damnation’s site quite interesting and quite appropriate for this time of year providing some great scary Halloween reads.  

Tell us about the story you like the best of all you’ve written.

That’s difficult to say. I like to have fun with my stories. My story Deadly Secrets at Noble Romance Publishing took me into the world of martial arts and classical dance. I actually did take a few months of karate, and many years ago took classical dance lessons. This is a romantic suspense that centers around the heroine Deirdre Clarke – dance instructor, whose ex husband stalks her. Josh Tyler, the hero is a martial arts instructor/part time police officer. He is not sure if he wants to get involved with the heroine mainly because he’s not sure he can save her from the ex husband whose focus is to get the heroine back in any way he can.

Then there’s my story Sex Toys for Naughty Boys also at Noble Romance Publishing which is almost self-explanatory because of the title and revolves around what a woman does after discovering that her husband has ordered a huge box of sex ‘toys.” This discovery fills her with huge doubts about their marriage. This erotic romance does have a happy ever after ending.

I also just finished a story titled Night Fantasies, which was just released this past weekend at Aspen Mountain Press. This story was a heck of lot of fun to write. My heroine Valerie Valenti has the same sexy erotic dream night after night that features a mystery man and her having hot passionate sex with this man on a cruise ship that sails through the Caribbean.

During a corporate meeting when the CEO walks in Valerie realizes this just might be her mystery man and suddenly her entire life takes on a surrealism that makes her question do dreams really come true?

Here are links to all my books for easy reference: Stories by Marie A. Roy Stormbound – (Aspen Mountain Press)  A Soldier’s Fortune (Treble Heart Books) l

No More Secrets, No More Lies (The Wild Rose Press) June 2010 Release Todd Hollow Series – (Damnation Books) \Deadly Games

Deadly Affair November/December Release Deadly Secrets (Noble Romance Publishing)  

Sex Toys and Naughty Boy (Noble Romance Publishing)

Goin’ Down Anthology – (Aspen Mountain Press) Book

Book Two:  

Night Fantasies (Aspen Mountain Press)  

Tell us a little about your latest release.

My story Night Fantasies at Aspen Mountain Press went live this past weekend. This is an erotic contemporary romance with a bit of comedy included. I guess you can call it an erotic romantic comedy. Let’s just say readers may never look at a wedding cake in quite the same manner again after reading this story. I also have to add that at one point this was a short story that I wrote that was published many years ago. When I first wrote it I couldn’t even mention the word “breast” or “nipples.” Since that time with revisions and expanding it from a ten thousand word count to over fifty thousand words, I’m sure it would be quite unrecognizable to that first publisher.

I understand you have an “assistant” you recently obtained to keep you company while you write. Is he?/she? helpimg you to write with more discipline?

If you mean my PeekAPoo puppy Sugar, she certainly does help by keeping me company. Writing can be a lonely endeavor. Sugar in fact does not let me out of her sight. I’m now in the process of taking her to puppy training classes at a local pet store, as well as having a dog trainer come in once or twice a month. She’s actually coming along quite nicely and has earned her way not only into my bedroom (on her own bed) but also into my heart.

Where can our readers go to find out more about you and your writing?

I try to maintain two newsletters for my work and what I’m doing. You can go to Marie Roy’s Newsletter at

Collette Thomas Newsletter at  

If you also like romance with a little steam, read THE DATE, by BB Roberts


Hi Marie,

Great interview.

And other readers, the Goin’ Down stories and the vampire stories being written now weren’t the only ERW group stories. Over 2009, 6 mail order bride stories were published by Red Rose Publishing. These were also written by members of ERW. The Legends of Loving, Texas series are extremely different stories – m/f, menage, vampire, shapeshifter, time travel – about the brave mail order brides who traveled west to mate with those luscious cowboys in Texas. Sorry about this advertisement, but you can check out our blog here: I only put this link here because the stories came from ERW members. We’re quite the prolific writers and it’s all thanks to Marie.

Congratulations, Marie/Collette, on all your upcoming releases.



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  1. Ari says:

    Marie, you have some exciting books coming up, as well as the nice long list that are out here already. Can’t wait for the rest.

  2. RKCharron says:

    Hi Marie 🙂
    Thank you for the indepth excellent interview.
    I loved learning more about you & your writing.
    I was wondering if you will post an update on your blog or come back to Twitter?
    Love & Best Wishes,

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