True Blood Anticipation and tons more

Today is a very full day.  I’m watching a marathon of “True Blood” espisodes to prepare for the season finale and to focus.  I’m in the process of setting up interviews.  I’ve talked to six authors recently, so I have six interviews to set up.  I really need my planner to keep track of interviews, work projects and meetings, and upcoming deadlines and conferences.  Oh, gee, I’ve actually booked a dentist appointment at the same time I’m on a panel at Albacon.  Well, I’ll have to reschedule that–the dentist appointment that is.

Let me tell you about The Writer’s Cave on Friday at Albacon (Oct.9-11) in Albany, New York.  Here’s some of the authors joining us: Stella Price, Jackie Kessler, Toni Andrews,  Jessica Andersen, Cat Johnson, K.A. Laity, Melissa Mead, and Inanna Arthen.  They’ll be writing workshops and panels and romance panels.  Check out the Albacon site to register.  Of course, the rest of the weekend is science fiction and fantasy.

At 3-5 on Friday, Oct. 9 at the Sovereign Best Western, they’ll be a booksigning that is open to the public.  It’s going to be amazing.  If you’re in Albany, drop by.  We’ll have romance, paranormal romance, vampire literature, and fantasy.

Where’s my book?  Okay, there’s always someone asking.  Right now, WHEN LOVE SURVIVES is being edited by my editor.  In the meantime, I’m working on another book and another novella.  I’m also responsible for writing blurbs and a back cover.  That’s where I’m at.

My cat, Isis, is sitting behind me on the sofa as I type on my laptop.  She’s petting me on the head again.  She has this wonderful grin of satisfaction.  Then she pets me again.  A few weeks ago, Isis threw our household into turmoil with her disappearance.  She disappeared for 20 hours.  During the night there was a thunderstorm.  The next day when she still wasn’t found, we put her photo up all over the neighborhood.  One of the webmasters I work with suggested we put out a can of tuna.  I did that and two hours later, a very mean looking and mud covered Isis stalked out of the woods.  She needed help getting all the mud off and also earned a collar with a tag proclaiming her name and phone number.  We told her it was a beautiful necklace which prevented her from rubbing her neck and head until it came off, like she’s done with collars of the past.  Yes, she’s petting my head again.  Purr. LOL

Since we’re talking about creatures.  Let’s examine the happenings of “True Blood.”  You have maenad MaryAnn who’s planning one heck of a bash/human or supernatural sacrifice/orgy.  Things don’t look good for Sookie.  She went into a bad place to save a friend.  Now who’s going to save her?  Bill and Eric have been trying to get answers from the vampire queen.  Eric may be more productive on that end.  Hmm.  Sam, Andy, and Jason are planning something too.  If they could pool their efforts with the vampires, it may do some good.  What am I worried about most?  The relationship between Jessica and Hoyt is in shambles.  She bit his mother.  His mother under MaryAnn’s influence is a nasty piece of work, but should Jessica haven’t bitten her?  Still I can’t help hoping Hoyt forgives her.  Oh, by the way, Hoyt’s mother is determined to go to MaryAnn’s shingding/someone will be sacrificed/wild fling.  Yes, tonight will be some finale.  I’ll be watching.  Will you?

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