How Paranormal Are You?

I’m not going to make a formal poll out of this.  I’ll just ask the questions.  You know the answers.  In this way, you can answer truthfully in full abandon. 

1. Okay, admit it:  You read Twilight in record time?  Yes=1 point, No=0 points

2. You love looking at Eric the vampire on “True Blood.”  Yes=1 point, No=0 points

3. You wouldn’t mind having a shapeshifter like Sam on “True Blood” around the house or a were like Jacob in “New Moon.”  Yes=1 point, No=0 points

4. You watch reruns of “Buffy” and “Angel.”  Yes=1 point, No=0 points

5. You dress up for Halloween.  Every Halloween. Yes=1 point, No=0 points

6. You’d stay up late to watch “Interview with A Vampire.”  Yes=1 point, No=0 points

7.  You were a devotee of “Dark Shadows.”  Yes=1 point, No=0 points

8. You root for Michael the hybrid in the Underworld movies.  Yes=1 point, No=o points

9. You think “Blood and Chocolate” is a romance. Yes=1 point, No=0 points

10. You’re afraid of things that go bump in the night. Yes=0 points, No=1 points.

Now add up your points.  If you scored:


6-8   You need to practice. Maybe add fangs or a cape to your wardrobe.

3-5   I just don’t know about you.  Were you trying to get the wrong answers?

0-2  Yes, you are not paranormal.  But then again you can always take this over and cheat.   You know this is all in fun, right?

Now for an announcement from some paranormal romance authors:

On Sept. 1st at midnight the pay button will be taken down and you will have missed your chance to attend the most paranormal event of the year–The Authors After Dark Paranormal Weekend 2009.  You still have time–not a lot–but time.  Click here to register:

This is what you’ll be missing–

Friday October 23rd, 2009
3pm-5pm: Check in and Registration
3pm-6pm: Free time
4pm-5pm: Mini event: Mermaids and Myth with Judi Fennell and Joey W. Hill
5pm-6pm: Mini event: Enter the Eververse with Stella and Audra Price
6pm-630pm: Gift Basket info and reveal
630-7pm: Mini Event: Immortals: Gods and their lovers with Tilly Greene, Cat Johnson, Kayleigh Jamison. Selena Illyria, Eliza Gayle and Dagmar Avery
7pm-12am: Candy Shop Pajama Mixer
12am-2am: Authors After hours (bar time)
12am-1am: Mini Event:Mystical Midnight: Mima’s Rune Readings, Talking crystals with Bianca D’Arc

Saturday October 24th 2009
8am-9am: Morning Mixer with Mechele Armstrong
9am-10am: Wake up with a Vampire
10am-11am: mini event: Faerie Tales: Dragons, Fae and Knights
11am-12pm: mini event: Earth, Air, Fire, Water: Witches and The Craft
12pm-2pm: luncheon with Stella and Audra Price
1-130pm: Mini Event: Out-of-the-box Paranormalities with Judi Fennell and Stephanie Julian
2pm-5pm: Book Signing
5pm-6pm:Q and A: Shifters Unleashed
6pm-7pm: Q and A: Dirty Demons
7pm-9pm: Creature Feature dinner and drinks with Bianca D’Arc
9pm-12am: Masquerade party and contest
12am-?: Authors After hours (bar time)

Sunday October 25th 2009
8am-9am: Send off breakfast
8am-9am: Charity raffle results
10am-2pm: Publisher Expo and readings
10am-2pm: How to day (room one)
10am-2pm: How to Day (Room two)
Truly now, if you are the tinist bit paranormal you don’t want to miss this stellar event happening on October 23-25 2009, Suffern NY

Pardon me now.  I have to walk my were.  LOL

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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1 Response to How Paranormal Are You?

  1. Isabelle Morton says:

    Loved your poll. Got a good laugh…and learned I need a little practice!

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