Romantic Ravings, the Process of Writing, and True Blood

Sometimes life imitates art or is that visa versa.  I know a lot of writers.  Some are single, some divorced.  Others are married or in committed relationships.  I’ve seen a husband entertaining a toddler in the children’s section of the bookstore, while the romance heroine of his dreams signed books.  Husbands of romance authors are intriguing men.  I know mine is and what he has to go through.  He hugs me through every disappointment, and he’s forever putting away notebooks and books when I fall asleep with them on top of me.  When I’m too busy creating, he’s running the day-to-day routine of our life, paying bills, making repairs, and all the things that I usually forget.  He’s my hero.  <sniff> 

Okay, enough on that.  Writing.  I write every spare moment and on my days off from my other job, I usually write all day.  If the flow stops, I shift into editing something I’ve already written.  Yesterday, the flow stopped.  I  know the next book.  I don’t usually do this but once I knew the plot, and I always dream my stories, sometimes it takes several dreams, I wrote it out like a laundry list.  Why?  So I have a destination map.  Anyway, I was stuck.  I don’t usually do the next thing either.  I decided to get back in the mood, I would read my 89 pages from the beginning.  Of course, I started editing.  It was very good.  There were some vital mistakes in it that I fixed.  I ended up added 500 words (2 pages).  Through that process, the flow began again.  This is just one way of getting started when you’re stuck.  As time goes by, I’ll discover more and pass them along.

The rain has stopped.  Company’s coming, and my chef husband is deciding on tonight’s menu.  Later tonight “True Blood” is on and frankly, I”m worried about Sam.  Will he be able to defeat MaryAnn, and how many friends will he need to do that?  And what about Bill and this ancient obviously female vampire?  He’s gone to ask her help but what will it cost him?  Then there’s Sookie.  She’s discovered a new talent, but MaryAnn has also discovered her and is fascinated.  That could bode very badly for Sookie.  Will Bon Temps ever be the same again?  Hmm, we’ll see tonight. <wicked grin from someone reading the Sookie Stackhouse books>

Now back to writing.  I dreamt about my character last night.  All new stuff.  It’s time to get it down.

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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