Mason is a WIP too.

I’m writing two sequels and book two in a series. I enjoy working on more than one book at time. When one set of characters is giving me a hard time, I don’t want stare at blank page. I’m person of action and since I only have a certain number of writing hours in a day, I try to use them wisely.

For those of you who also check out my blog you’ll know that one of the aftermaths of the RWA conference is that I’m not trying to plan more of my writing as I’m a seat of the pants writer kind of.

For the Aequitas trilogy, I know the over arching plot, who is involved and what part happens in each book. I then need to build scenes for all that great stuff to happen. I try not to tell the stories so if I want the reader to know something a scene is created to get the reader to understand this information. The scenes are the part I fly by the seat of my pants, which just happens to be the content.

I know a lot of people talk about not having scenes that don’t move the plot forward but be very cautious that don’t forget that character development is also part of moving the plot forward. If the character is changing their views and or have finally detached from old beliefs you need to show this to this to the reader. Don’t load up the MS with these types of scenes but the reader needs to know that something in the character is different.

I do prefer narrow lens scenes, over wide lens scenes because my stories are character driven with a plot. What did I just say? How can I have both plot and character driven? Please don’t think of these things a separate. Often a plot is unfolding and the characters are reacting. I tend to have the characters behavior be the cause of the plot.

Let’s say I was to write a plot where the characters were detectives trying to solve a murder, the person’s death would somehow relate to one of my characters.

In the case of the next book in a series, I know the over arching plot, the story in this book for the new characters taking the lead roles and maybe one or two key scenes. Other than that, I’m writing things based on the characters interactions.

As I work on planning and plotting more in advance so far, I’ve plot a scene and written it.

I’m also a work in progress.

If you want to learn some strange facts about me, check out my publishers blog at 6 pm eastern:

Darkness ♀♂ Desires
Aequitas I Betrayal, from Lyrical Press, Inc

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