Vampire Talk

Entertainment magazine features Vampires in the August 7th issue. It’s pretty good. Twilight‘s Edward shares the cover with “True Blood’s” Bill.  I particularly loved Laurell K. Hamilton of the Anita Blake series telling everyone about Camilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu, which was published 25 years before Dracula. Laurell’s interview was extremely good. I had heard about Camilla, but now I have to read it. I also loved Charlaine Harris talking about her character Sookie Stackhouse, and  Anne Rice saying her favorite vampire (besides her vampires) is Bill on “True Blood.”   Yes, I loved that.  I’m a big Bill fan but I’ve got to tell you that new haircut on Eric really brings out his beautifully evil eyes.  <evil grin>  There’s lots more in the issue.  If you haven’t gotten this issue of Entertainment and you’re a vampire fan, you really want to.  

I think an interesting phenonmenon has occured behind the scenes, unseen by most people.  A lot of vampire literature was classified as horror or fantasy on a rare occasion science fiction–depending on how the vampire became a vampire.   Now vampire literature has become more romantic and is being classified by publishers as paranormal romance or urban fantasy.  I always emphasize reading the books then going to the movies.  Your mind will fill in what the movie doesn’t show.  I found that I really enjoyed “Twilight” having read the book first.  The author puts in the tiny details we cherish.  I find the same reading the Sookie Stackhouse books.

Why vampires?  The sex appeal?  The powers?  (Especially now with job loss, money worth less, and taxes going up.)  The concept of living to see the wonders of every age?  And if you find someone you could love for an eternity, bring them over.   What happens though, if your true love faints at the sight of blood?  😦

Lynsay Sand’s vampires can actually eat, but their makeup was scientifically created by nanos by the scientists of Atlantis.   I really enjoy all the history/mythology different authors have created for vampires.   I find that fascinating.  

New authors too are coming out with new books on vampires with new creation myths and increasingly wondrous variations on the vampire theme.  I can’t wait. 

As to where it all began, it began with Camilla and all the legends of vampires from around the world.  Why are we fascinated?  It must be the eyes. 😉

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Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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