Mason at RWA National

My morning started at 4:30 am. Why you ask? The sound of wood hitting my hotel room wall in a slow rhythm woke  me. No problem. Right? I thought the same thing, I’ll just wait until it stops and go back to bed.

5:30 am no sign of this slowing down by this point I’ve taken out my computer and started writing not about what’s going on in the room next to me.

6:15 am I start to do a workout knowing the noise isn’t going to stop and I have a busy day ahead of me.

I shower get dressed 7:30 am still no end to the noise. I head out for my day.

Before I left for the conference, I highlighted all the workshops I wanted to go to so I pull out my handy little sheet and cross referenced with the conference program and headed off.

Mastering Your Domain, was the first activity I attended. The discussion was interesting.  The panel answered a lot of questions.

Originally, I had thought I would go to the 15 Synopsis workshop, but after discovering at the first timer evening, what the spotlight for the publishers were, I went to the Harlequin Single titles spotlight and Avon books.

After the wonderful Eloisa James award luncheon, I went to Donald Maass. This was a really well done workshop. He even gave exercises to do on the spot for your current WIP.

Last, I went to TOR’s spotlight.

I had all this great new clothing for the conference. I bought pretty white Jones of New York pants and they did a total wrinkle thing on me. Bummer. And the buttons came off the jacket sleeve so if you notice one of my characters has malfunctions in one of my books. That’s a part of me coming into my work, as I’m always having something happen to my clothing.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Do note that I will post a longer more detailed blog on what I feel I learned at this year’s conference once I’m back home.

For my silly photos of the conference but not of the conference, visit me at my website.



For additional links, real time chat on Twitter from RWA and another blog’s viewpoint, please, scroll down to the next post.


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