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Warm Days and Cool Romantic Nights

A lot is changing in my life.  A daughter is getting married, and I’m attempting to plan a wedding.  I’m writing like a fiend–no, not about a fiend, though that’s an interesting concept.  We’re considering moving.  I think that involves … Continue reading

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A Hot Read–Silk and Steel

I’m kicking back after writing all day, finishing a novelette, kickboxing, and blogging.  What am I reading?  It’s Silk and Steel by Stella and Audra Price.  I have to tell you that in the beginning I was just spellbound, intrigued, … Continue reading

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The Perfect Night for Romance

What is the perfect night?  Is it snowy with delicate little flakes floating past the dark windows?  Is it rolling in front of the fire during a thunderstorm?  Or lying outside together on the deck under the stars?  So many … Continue reading

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Conferences for Romance Writers

If writing romance makes you happy, there are romance conferences locally and nationally you’ll want to know about. The first one is in Meriden, Connecticut. It’s sold out, but I’m going to give you the website anyway. CT-RWA is an … Continue reading

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Surprise: The Art of Flirting with World Famous Flirt jan howard finder

Nights of Passion welcomes the world famous flirt, jan howard finder also known internationally as the Wombat.  Now I understand you’ve had experience flirting in various countries in addition to the United States.  We’ll get to that, but perhaps we … Continue reading

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Exciting Upcoming Events-Surprise Tomorrow at 9 am Eastern

I’ve been wildly busy.  There’s a lot coming up on Nights of Passion.  Watch this blog for new interviews, upcoming books, and convention announcements.  I’m also reorganizing the blog, so by simply clicking on a category, you’ll see all the entries under that … Continue reading

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What Do You Sleep In?

Of course, in writing romance this is a vital question.   Do our characters sleep in the nude or do they have to be unwrapped from their lingerie?  Does the unwrapping make it more exciting?  Keeping that in mind, we’re asking … Continue reading

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Romance: Bestselling Around the World

Apparently the economy is so poor around the world, that readers are turning to romance novels in droves.  Why?  Everyone needs a HEA.  For those unfamiliar with the term, it means “happily ever after.” I can’t blame the world.  Why … Continue reading

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Ooh, Knights! I Really Love Knights!

I love Grail legends.  Right now I’m curling up before I sleep with Be Mine Tonight by Kathryn Smith.  It’s about the Templar Knights’ treasure, one mercenary knight in particular named Chapel who found a cup.  He was desperate to drink … Continue reading

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Best-selling Author Lori Avocato Chats Tonight!

Dynamite Romace Author Lori Avocato will be chatting at Writer’s Oasis tonight, Monday April 06, at 9 P.M. ET Best-selling author, Lori Avocato, who writes The Pauline Sokol Mystery Series, talks about how to keep characters fresh and memorable in … Continue reading

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