Romancing the Movie

Romantic movies bring couples together everyday.  I’m from the drive-in movie generation.  After supper,  you went to an outdoor theater, parked in the row used by the other kids in your high school, and took the speaker off the pole and set it on the window.  “Grease” cracks me up because while the clothes changed in the 70s, the drive-in didn’t, right down to the dancing hot dog commercial.  Sometimes you watched the movie, and sometimes you didn’t.  🙂

Indoor movie theaters in my end of the world were more sedate in their after the lights went out activities.  Though I heard the people who sat in the balcony seldom attended to see the film.

Getting back to films, we have “Grease” with its teenaged longing and bursting into song.  The same kind of longing can be found in “Twilight” but without the actors bursting into song.   In “Dirty Dancing,” you actually loved the bursting into the dance, which mimed the sexual tension in romance.  The courage of standing up for another person made you just love the heroine Frances (Baby).

“Moulin Rouge” took my breath away.  I forgave them for bursting into song, because of the uniqueness of the story.  The ending actually put me into shock of a sorts.  Whenever I rewatch “Moulin Rouge” I hope in my heart that they’ve changed the ending.  I cry and cry.  Speaking of sad, I have to bring up “Love Story.”  For me, it was great until the hero said: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”  I was on a date at the time and laughed out loud in the theater.  I said, “No, it means always saying you’re sorry.”  A few people applauded me.  My date did not.  That one didn’t last long, but no matter.  I found my devoted one in the end.

That’s what you want for every romantic movie–an ending you will remember forever.   I’ll end tonight with “Titanic.”  I don’t want to tell you the ending but it’s one of the most magnificent endings of all time.  If you haven’t seen that movie, run out and get it.  Snuggle next to the one you love and turn the lights down low.

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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