Flowers and Romance

When you give your lover flowers, it’s a symbol of what the relationship means to you and often it’s a suggestion too.   On this website, there is a detailed list of flowers and meanings.    The site is called the Language and Meaning of Flowers for Married Couples.  Be careful what you choose for a bouquet.  Yellow carnations are not the way to encourage passion, as those blooms mean rejection and disappointment.  Sometimes there is meaning in the number of flowers, one daffodil means means misfortune while several will fill you with joy.  One of my favorites is white heather which fortells wishes come true.  So give your lover and armload of white heather and makes those wishes.  An orange lily means “I burn for you.”  That’s good I have loads of them in my yard.  If you’re coming up on your 28th wedding anniversary, the flower of choice is an orchid.  For the first anniversary thrill your lover with pansies.

Roses have their own language.  Red being passion.  Go into a florist and ask for a dozen peach colored roses.  Peach is for desire.  Not only will your lover be excited to learn what that color means, but several people behind me in the store bought the same rose and the florist was quickly sold out on that color.  Orange and yellow in the same bouquet also mean passion.

By the way, men won’t admit it, but they get embarrassed getting flowers and often think they should do something about it, to make up for it.  Oh, by all means let them. 🙂

Other sites giving meanings are:
Xeranthemum means eternity and Immortality.  Hmm.  Must be for vampire lovers.  The meanings here are similar and detailed.  You can also use this site to order flowers.
This site has wonderful photos, so you can see the flowers you’d like.  It’s a flower encyclopedia.

Now after looking at all the flowers you could get for your love, it really comes down to this.  Buy from the heart.  Have some fun.  Buying a bottle of wine to go with the flowers can never hurt.  Ah, it’s spring.

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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2 Responses to Flowers and Romance

  1. Taylor Tryst says:

    I love flowers, especially roses. Need to get the extra hardy ones to grow in MN, though. Plan on doing that one year, I swear it!

  2. su says:

    Nice blog with a nice combination flowers and romance. Keep it up the good work.

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