Cranberry Bubble Bath

Today I was reading about a new ‘down under’ lingerie store that young women are flocking to.  I mean you can’t have too many thongs in different colors.  There just might be a shade of crimson or gold you’re lacking.  A few years ago, one store had me mesmerized.  They had the most amazing silver (actual metal) bra and panties set.  I wanted it.  It did occur to me that wearing it might actually hurt, and I opted for lace instead.  But still there are times when I wonder. 

I guess life is like bubble bath.  Sometimes everything’s a pain and you just want to soak in lavender.  But then when you slip into a cranberry bubble bath, you want to invite someone to join you.  I think I’ll have to research this bubble bath issue further.  What scents inspire what.  It’s research I can really sink my teeth into.  

Getting my loofa now.  Ta.

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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