DJ Katz talks about “Sex and the City”!

Susan: I am a newbie to “Sex and the City,” seeing the movie for the first time this weekend. I had seen bits and pieces of the series over the years and apparently had not seen enough to really understand the importance of the series to the female side of this planet. Finally developing a clear understanding of gal pals, thanks to my gal pals, I decided to discover the excitement of “Sex and the City” for myself. To that end, I called in an expert.

Nights of Passion welcomes reviewer and guest blogger DJ Katz. I asked DJ about the meaning behind “Sex and the City” and how it relates to women.

DJ Katz: Growing up I never knew what sex was. Never understood how important it is and how much it plays a part in our lives. Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte and Carrie live the lives we all desire and spend most of our lives dreaming about. This series touches our inner most soul by jumping, crashing, rebounding and solidifying with every experience they go through. Ensconced in NY City, they are bound together by genetics, desire and love. My life was dull in comparison. But not anymore.

First, our girlfriends are our true family. Without girlfriends to share our experiences with, life is empty. There is not a man out there that will ever understand. Don’t waste your time. Accept them for who they are and what they can do – you know what I mean!

I’ve learned that back massagers are vibrators in disguise. Pearl thongs are painful. Breasts and vaginas deserve respect and tender care no matter who is touching them and they should be touched regularly for good mental and emotional balance. Sex is not just for the bedroom. Shoes are very important not only to your feet but definitely to the outfit that you are wearing. Don’t be afraid of color.

Don’t let your life be over before your time! Don’t be afraid of who you are! You are WOMAN!

“Oh, Honey……Don’t you think that it’s time?

Susan: Thank you, DJ! I really love it when you say “don’t be afraid of who you are.” There’s all this talk about strong heroines in romance but real strength lies in being true to oneself. In the movie, that’s an overriding theme that each woman learns. You know what they say. To find love, you must love yourself first.

“Sex and the City” will be making another movie slated for release in May 2010. I know I’ll be there.

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1 Response to DJ Katz talks about “Sex and the City”!

  1. Jessa Slade says:

    I’ve not see Sex & The City. My shoes run toward the blunt end of the spectrum. But I can heartily get behind the woman-power message. Wait, I’m not being fair. “Know thyself” is a message we all should follow. Thanks for the reminder.

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