Gal Pals, Sushi, and Kickboxing

Every female knows that gal pals are important.  “Sex and the City” is based on the friendships between four women.  They share their lives by hanging out and  discussing everything in life including men.   They all grow together in their personal lives as well as in their friendship.

I have some gal pals that I always hang out with, but tonight I got to join a different group of gal pals.  I went to my kickboxing dojo for a class on personal safety for women.  I truly believe it’s important for every woman to know some self-defense in our increasingly violent world.  It was an excellent class.  What made it particulary meaningful was that I went with my grown daughters.  Afterward, we went for sushi and suddenly I found I wasn’t just mom but a gal pal.  Truly excellent. 

Yes, there’s nothing like the friendships women can enjoy.  Kickboxing and hanging with gal pals are good for your health.  I find that a healthy happy me is a direct benefit to everyone I love, including my one true love.  But that’s another story.

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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