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Meet The Head Scribbler by Gerri Brousseau

Hi Readers, Last Friday, Marian Lanouette talked about a great writing prompt group on Facebook called “Scribblers Ink.”  I thought it would be a great follow-up to have the founder, Robert Lerman, here today to tell us how Scribblers came … Continue reading

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Social Media and A Grand Birthday

Hi everyone, Waves! If you’ve seen me do that before, then you’ve seen me on Facebook or Twitter or both.  Some people have told me that they are uncomfortable with certain social media.  One friend told me she doesn’t like … Continue reading

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The Romantic Life of a Romance Writer by Gerri Brousseau

What your family and friends think the life of an author is like, and what it actually is are often times two very different things. What my family/friends thought when I told them I was writing a book: The poor … Continue reading

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Retro What? by Gerri Brousseau

Hi Readers. First of all, I want to thank you all for participating in our Spooktacular Halloween Event. It was a screaming success, and I hope all those who won prizes have received them and are delighted. It seems like … Continue reading

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Writing and Marketing Go Hand in Hand by Marian Lanouette

What I’m reading this week:  A Pirate’s Ransom. I have to tell you I’m almost finished reading it; and I’m so, loving it. Page one grabbed me and hasn’t let go. Don’t forget to post below what you’re reading this … Continue reading

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Gearing Up For Release by Gerri Brousseau

My first novel (A Pirate’s Ransom) (I know I’m shameless) is being released on August 22nd.  Yikes!  I better get my rear in gear and start promoting my book.  What to do first?  Your guess is as good as mine.  … Continue reading

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Preparing to be Published by Gerri Brousseau

So you’ve written a novel.  Now what do you do?  Before you begin your search for an agent or editor, or submit you work to one of the smaller presses, is there something more you should be doing?  The answer … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life by Leia Shaw

It always surprises me to learn people are interested in what a writer’s daily life is like. I can’t possibly see how it’s any different from anyone else’s. Do you think I have a live-in nanny and personal chef like … Continue reading

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The Art of Promotion

First off, I’d like to start off by saying that I am so excited to announce the release of my first novella Irish Dreams. I’ve included the blurb and cover below. In addition to this, I’m going to start a … Continue reading

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God Bless Mark Zuckerberg by Gerri Brousseau

On October 16, 2011, Market or Die announced they will be offering the ability to purchase the books directly on facebook by the use of the “Shop Now” button.  According to Jen Fusco, it was easy to set up.  I … Continue reading

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