Sunny Weekly Paranormal-Scope by Susan Hanniford Crowley

While I am not qualified in any way to read neither stars nor planets, I am intimately linked to the paranormal in the world in many ways. So are you.  Sunny could be the weather or a disposition. Let’s see how this plays out.

The paranormal scope is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to guide your life by.

The week for:

Sacred Koi swim in clear water but will sometimes hid beneath a water lily.  Look for balance in your life as to when you can swim in the limelight and when to take a break.

An old gnome is coming your way with a wealth of knowledge.  Make a friend that will inspire you.

Shop for soothing colors to wear and accessorize.  Sometimes fashion trends are bleak. Ignore them.

It’s time to cuddle.  Werewolves are adorable and come in a variety of sizes.  Be open to a sweet person with some quirks.

Dragons roar and blow fire when angry, upset , or hungry.  You’re getting mixed messages from someone.  Take it slow and be patient until they can express themselves.

Mermaids are singing as the waves roll in and the future changes.  Keep your eyes open for new opportunities.

Faeries invite you to a dance.  Let’s get magical.  Dress your best.

Dragons are good at staying out of the business of others.  Let them work it out and keep your nose to the grindstone.

Elves are clever and make the most out of the least.  Be clever.

Dragons are going to teach you to soar.  Appreciate their efforts.

Hobgoblins of little minds are running amok.  Don’t let negative people get you down.  Keep your smile.

Pixies enjoy every moment, every pleasure.  Take up a hobby that will let you enjoy those things you love more.

Susan Hanniford Crowley

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Reading Across the Genres


In a discussion I had yesterday with several authors about collaborating on one of the boxed sets that are all the rage currently. We were trying to decide which genre of romance we would choose to publish, each person having a different genre that they write. We couldn’t come to an agreement, so one author suggested that a set might be made up of different romantic subgenres: contemporary, historical, erotic, fantasy, sci-fi. As long as the theme was romance, people would buy it.

Until recently I believe,  boxed sets were usually all of one author’s works, but that’s changed  now.  Boxed sets including books from a variety of authors have become very popular.  All the sets I’ve seen recently, however, have been of one subgenre or another, not mixed, although I’ve not made a study of them certainly. So I began to wonder if a mixed set would indeed sell.

I don’t think that I would buy a set that only had one historical book in it out of say 8 or 10. I only read historical romances now, although I guess I could stretch that to historical fantasy as I’m currently enamored of the Outlander series, which is time-travel and therefore fantasy. In the past I have read much more than just historical romance, being a fan of Stephen King, John Grisham, Patricia Cornwell, and Phillipa Gregory. However, ever since I began to write historical romance, that genre seems to be all I’m interested in.

I am also certain that my tastes are not everyone’s. Authors are often given the advice to read outside their genre, so they are not influenced by other writers. (Advice which I obviously ignore.) Of course, readers have no such restrictions on what they read, so likely there are readers who would pick up a set of books that spanned the genres.

Tell me, do you read across the genres? Or do you stick strictly to one or perhaps two? Would you buy a set of novels or novellas from which you might only read one or two books? Do you instead prefer a variety? Is there any genre you would be more apt to buy?

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CT Authors Night at the Bozrah Farmer’s Market by Susan Hanniford Crowley

CT Authors Night
I want to thank the crew of CT Authors Night at the Bozrah Farmer’s Market. Being there was a delightful experience. I met a lot of great people, sold books, and the music was great.  Though I chose not to eat, my daughter Cera was a great companion and inspiration.  She said the food choices were yummy.  Many people came through and bought food but also visited the authors.

Being in the public is always an unusual experience.  You never know at what is really going to happen.  Who you’re goingCT Authors  Night 2
meet.  I was glad to see friends and make
new ones.

I had put notice up on Facebook and people had said they had seen it.  YAY, for Facebook.  The event was so beautifully planned and supported.

I was also impressed that it was a dog friendly event.  There were a lot of children but I asked parents before they could take a piece of candy from my goodie basket.  I also passed out goodie bags to parents in addition to the sheet for my ebooks.  All in all, a wonderful fun event.  Now this person is off to sleep.  I’ve been sleep deprived lately and need to dream up more stories.

Susan Hanniford Crowley

Vampire King of New York is available in Amazon Print and Kindle, Barnes and Noble Print and Nook and Kobo

The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelais is available in Amazon Print and Kindle.


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Author Anxiety by Stacy Hoff

My romance novel’s release date is coming up. So is my lunch. Fear and anxiety is hard to suppress.

Perhaps the real reason behind the panic of “will people like my book?” is that authors think book reviews and purchases (or lack thereof) are a referendum on us, personally.

Will I be hailed as the next Nora Roberts? Or shunned as a mere wannabe? Be recommended by Amazon? Or relegated to page six of a Google search?

It’s easy to take things personally as a writer. After all, our stories are our babies. But unlike our actual children, our books are things over which we have full control. We could have taken the story in a different route. Could have created something funnier, deeper, more meaningful. Why didn’t we, darn it!

Hence, the anxiety. We may be letting people down. People who had high expectations for the book they bought. Who now think we stink on wheels. Sigh…

Do we give up? Or go back to our well-worn keyboards and try to do better?

I’m taking a deep breath now, and hoping for the best. Geez, it’s tough out here. And on release day, it’ll just get tougher.

What gives you anxiety, and how do you handle it?

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I’m Hearing Voices! by Gerri Brousseau

Goodness, is it Thursday already! The time seems to just fly by and before I know it, it’s time to write another blog article.

I’ve had a super busy week this week. Last Saturday was my Grand-Daughter’s second birthday party and there was cooking and baking to be done. She had so much fun playing with some of her little friends in her kiddy pool and sandbox.

After the celebration was over, I started right back to work on my writing project. As some of you may know, I was working on a contemporary romance, but that got put aside because I got involved in a project that has a deadline of October 15th. It’s a novella so it’s a quick write. Still, I had to put the contemporary on the back burner. It’s all good, right? Well, one would think so. It was okay for the first few weeks when I was working on the novella, but apparently the hero of the contemporary romance became impatient. At first his grumblings were minor. He cleared his throat. I told him I didn’t forget about him, but had to get this project done. Then he cleared his throat and asked me if I remembered him. I again told him I had this little deadline and assured him I did not forget about him. I assured him he would soon be able to tell me the remainder of his story. This week I typed “The End” on the novella. But for me that doesn’t necessarily mean the process is over. I do have to re-read it, tweak it, and edit it, but my hero deems “The End” as exactly that, and now he has become more demanding.

If you are a writer, you understand what it’s like to hear your characters. Yes, I hear voices – but it’s not a bad thing. I just have to say that my contemporary hero, Nate, is a nag! I guess I better hurry up through my editing process so I could give Nate, that Alpha Male, 100% of my attention.

As a writer, does this happen to you? As a reader, do you ever wonder how writers come up with their dialogue?

Gerri Brousseau
“A Pirate’s Ransom”
“According to Legend”
“To Kill a Monarch”
Soulmate Authors Group:

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A Meaningful Journey

This weekend I got a real treat. I got to go to the movie theater with my husband and see The Hundred Foot Journey. it may sound silly to call this a real treat, but any of you movie lovers with young children will appreciate where I’m coming from. 

The Hundred Foot Journey was very much what I hoped it would be. It was romantic, dramatic, full of amazing food and yet still managed to send an important message to the audience. Now, I’m not here to review the movie although it is clear I loved it, but I do want to discuss the message I took from it, discovery and experimentation are important, but sometimes what we need most is already in front of us. For me, this was an important takeaway as I’m one of those people who constantly strives for more. I always want to travel and discover new cultures. I’m always thinking about the next step toward happiness. What this movie points out and what I realize as I age is that I don’t always need to go searching for the next best thing and that sometimes what we need finds us or is rather close all along. A fairly wise lesson when we consider how short life truly is.

What about you all, any wise words or lessons you try to live your life by? Can’t seem to have too many of those. May this week be truly inspiring to you all and happy writing!

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Traditional Reading vs Audiobooks by Mandy Rosko

I kind of want to touch on audiobooks for a couple minutes here, because usually when I hear about them, about people who like listening to them, something strange happens.

I’ll explain. Every once in a while I hear someone asking about the opinion of audiobooks. Sometimes these questions are asked with a hint of an apologetic tone, as if these people are getting ready for me to lash out at them that they aren’t really reading, so stop saying you are, or something to that effect.

These sort of reactions worry me. I don’t understand why some people are so concerned about letting others know that they enjoy audiobooks. And I also don’t understand where the confusion comes from about whether it’s actually reading or not.

Because it’s not reading. I’m not saying that with no nose in the air about it either. Let me explain.

Now, I love audiobooks. In an age where free time is dwindling fast, I’ve found it to be a great way of getting my story intake without actually having to sit down and put the time into reading. Because reading does take time. There’s no getting around that. You can literally do almost nothing else aside from eating-which is still pretty amazing-while reading. I don’t really count watching television, since it’s distracting for the most part. Sometimes I can listen to music while reading, but not always, and I know this is also a distraction for lots of other people, especially when trying to focus on reading, so I’m going to set those aside for now.

Being read to, however, is something else entirely. You can do so much more while someone else is reading you the story. You can exercise, get into your car and make the long trip to work or the grocery store, or even do chores around the house. Your hands are totally free when you have headphones on and are listening to your favorite author’s latest release in your ears.

Now, here’s where I come to the defense of audiobooks, because, even though listening to twenty audiobooks isn’t as impressive or brag worthy as sitting down and reading twenty books, you are still taking in the story almost exactly as the author intended it. There are some small differences, depending on how closely the author was able to work with the man or woman reading their work for ACX or any other service. Sometimes the tone won’t always be as intended, but I’ll take the risk of saying that these differences are so small they might as well not be there. In an audiobook, you also get the same benefit of increasing your vocabulary, the same as you would with reading, but with the added bonus of hearing proper pronunciation.

For the longest time, I pronounced epitome as epy-tome, all the way into adulthood, because I’d never heard that word out loud, but had always seen it in books.

The downside to audio, however, is that it’s a little harder to save your place for later study, assuming you’re listening for reasons other than pleasure. You also can’t keep an audiobook on your shelf, look at it, be reminded of that amazing story every time you walk by, and take it down for a quick flip through. In fact, because audiobooks are files on a computer or smart phone or iPod, they tend to get put into the out of sight, out of mind category when finished, at least for me.

Each method of story intake has its points, and both are well and good for anyone who wants to give audiobooks a shot.

I guess my point is that if there’s anyone who’s worried about listening to audiobooks because of what some people might say about it, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be scared away from trying something that you might really enjoy. You’re not reading, but you’re not watching the movie or listening to a radio play either, so please don’t let yourself be pushed away from these if you happen to come across someone who has an attitude about people who listen to audio.

I’m curious if anyone reading this has ever got any sass about listening to audio as opposed to reading. Let me know in the comments below :)


-Mandy Rosko


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