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My first blog post by Stacy Hoff

Welcome to my very first post on Nights of Passion. I am excited to be here, and to meet all of you! Not only is this my first time posting here, it’s my first time blogging. Ever. (Gulp!) Coming up … Continue reading

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Not really. There will be no spoilers here because I won’t be talking about any particular series or book. However, in my never ending quest to figure out what other people think on subjects that don’t really bother me, I … Continue reading

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No Right Formula

My son has been into books lately, not for him to read yet but definitely to listen to at bed time. I love it as it is a way for me to share something I love so much with him … Continue reading

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How Paranormal Are You?

Every year I give this little quiz.  The questions always change so no one can cheat, and you simply cannot study for it.  No worries.  We’re just having a bit of fun.  Circle one answer per question. How Paranormal Are … Continue reading

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A New Book, A New Series, and a Convention

I have signed a contract for a new vampire/supernatural romance book, the first in a new series.  What’s the title?  That’s still being discussed.  I wish I can say more, but it’s under wraps for a while. What do I … Continue reading

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Getting to Know Your Characters

I’ve never been a plotter by nature but admittedly, there are some things I wish I prepared a bit more at the start of my writing so that it would make the writing process easier later on. Characters are one … Continue reading

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50 Shades of Invisible

Channel 4 had a pop doco on the 50 Shades phenomenon. The show had a mixture of good and bad, as these things usually do. I’ve been fascinated by the hostile responses to the books (or their success, depending on … Continue reading

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