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Thankful For Traditions

With Thanksgiving approaching this Thursday, I though a look into my  Thanksgiving traditions might be in order. Thanksgiving at my house has always been about family and tradition. Not very surprising as this is the holiday for families. But during … Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned This Week: My Vampires are Different and the Mystery Patient

Mia, a reader on Amazon, wrote the following 5 star review for A Vampire for Christmas. Heart warming romance! Love her books! Very creative ! You never know what is going to happen next. I didn’t like vampire books until … Continue reading

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Those Dreaded Ants by Stacy Hoff

I’ve got a problem. The very second after I finish doing something, I lament how tired I am. But after siting around idle for a few minutes, I run off to embark on a new endeavor. And I run fast, … Continue reading

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The Obligation of Promotion

Some authors, old and new, don’t realize just how much your life is not your own once you sign a book contract.  Your publisher now has invested time and money into publishing and promoting your work.  They expect, and you … Continue reading

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Only Seven

Seven is considered a lucky number by most.  For writers, however, seven may be unlucky–or at least confining.  Seven is the reputed number of plots we all have to work with when crafting our work.  Seven.  So how on earth … Continue reading

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What Did You Do With Your Hour?

Daylight Savings Time officially ended at 2:00 am today. We hopefully remembered to turn our clocks back, thus re-gaining the whole precious hour we surrendered back on March 9th. Thank you, Lord! I needed that hour right about now. Although … Continue reading

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A Haunting Interview

To start Halloween week off on Nights of Passion with a ghoulie, a ghostie, or long-legged beastie, I thought I’d interview an author who writes those sorts of things in her everyday life. Help me welcome, Tera Shanley, who has … Continue reading

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