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A Haunting Interview

To start Halloween week off on Nights of Passion with a ghoulie, a ghostie, or long-legged beastie, I thought I’d interview an author who writes those sorts of things in her everyday life. Help me welcome, Tera Shanley, who has … Continue reading

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My Favortie Scary Books

With Halloween approaching at the speed of fright, I thought I’d share my favorite scary stories, all from the pen of the master of fear, Stephen  King.  I have loved Stephen King’s works for at least 30 years.  I’ve read … Continue reading

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This week has been an especially hard one for me.  My day job has consumed almost every waking hour since last Monday. I work in a theatre department and we had a  production going up yesterday. Not a normal production … Continue reading

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Columbus Day Can Trigger Our Own Voyage by Stacy Hoff

Happy Columbus Day, everyone! Back in 1492 Columbus took a daring risk—sailing around the world when most people believed the Earth was flat. The consequences of Columbus being wrong would have been a death sentence to him, and the crewmen … Continue reading

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Sexy or Sweet? How Do You Like Your Love Scenes?

I cut my teeth on Kathleen Woodiwiss’s romances, which are rather tame by todays’ standards.  The first Lisa Kleypas historical romance I ever read, Again the Magic, however, was quite an eye-opener with very hot, sensual sex and I loved it!  … Continue reading

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Hero Confusion

  I recently got a rejection letter from an agent that I really like because whenever she rejects my books, she gives me feedback about why she’s rejecting it (which not all agents do). This was a rejection of my … Continue reading

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Virgin Heroes

Virginity is one of the staple tropes of the historical romance novel. To date I’ve never written an historical heroine who wasn’t a virgin and during most periods keeping one’s virginity until marriage is a pretty big deal. Of course one … Continue reading

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