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Hero Confusion

  I recently got a rejection letter from an agent that I really like because whenever she rejects my books, she gives me feedback about why she’s rejecting it (which not all agents do). This was a rejection of my … Continue reading

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Virgin Heroes

Virginity is one of the staple tropes of the historical romance novel. To date I’ve never written an historical heroine who wasn’t a virgin and during most periods keeping one’s virginity until marriage is a pretty big deal. Of course one … Continue reading

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Does Twitter Help Your Marketing Strategy?

I’ve been a very bad Tweeter for most of my social media life. I signed up for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Linked In years ago when I had just started writing. The only one I really ever kept … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal for Time Enough to Love by Jenna Jaxon

This past week I revealed the cover for my medieval novel’s print version. Time Enough to Love was originally written as one long novel–almost 600 pages.  Afraid that no one would read such a volume, I published it in three … Continue reading

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I May or May Not be in a Book Bundle with Opal Carew by Mandy Rosko

I wish I had some cover art to post so that everyone can see what I’m all excited for, but that’s going to have to wait a bit, but anyway, I was contacted by Opal Carew and asked if I … Continue reading

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Reading Across the Genres

In a discussion I had yesterday with several authors about collaborating on one of the boxed sets that are all the rage currently. We were trying to decide which genre of romance we would choose to publish, each person having … Continue reading

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Author Anxiety by Stacy Hoff

My romance novel’s release date is coming up. So is my lunch. Fear and anxiety is hard to suppress. Perhaps the real reason behind the panic of “will people like my book?” is that authors think book reviews and purchases … Continue reading

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